Halle Says She’s ‘For Sure’ In Love With DDG

Chlöe and Halle Bailey are having a big year, especially after the former graced our Uproxx cover this month ahead of her upcoming album. She also discussed her good fortunes in their new Essence interview, where Halle touched on something more personal: her relationship with rapper DDG, which it looks like is getting pretty serious.

When Halle was asked if she was in love with the musician, she answered, “Yes. For sure I am. I’ve been a fan of his for years. I grew up being on YouTube and would always see the young Black creators and was constantly inspired by them. He was one of them. I completely forgot about him. But then I saw that he was dropping music, and I really gravitated toward this one song. Coincidentally he messaged me — and the rest is history.”

In June, DDG spoke about a line in his song with Gunna, “Elon Musk,” which is about going on a double date and was rumored to be about Halle. “I think it’s self-explanatory,” DDG elaborated. “I think the world knows that me and Gunna have a mutual situation with people that are related. Gunna got a Maybach, I got a Maybach — he got the truck, I got the car. One day, he was on a date, I was on a date, we pulled up at the same time.”