Wish Danzig A Happy Birthday With A Preview Of ‘Henry And Glenn Forever And Ever’

Yesterday was Glenn Danzig’s 59th birthday, and here we forgot to buy him a fondant cake in the shape of him buying kitty litter. And so the timing of this graphic novel preview is nearly perfect. Tom Neely and friends will release Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever this August (pre-order here).

It’s the followup to Henry & Glenn Forever, the 2010 minicomic which imagines a wondrous world in which Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig are in a committed relationship, and Hall and Oates are their polite, Satanist next-door neighbors. Did that premise just dook rainbows directly into your cerebral cortex? Or only mine?

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever expands this dark magic to 20 stories with a foreword written by Judas Priest’s Rob Halford. The preview below is from Chapter 3, “Buried Secrets”, in which Danzig gets fed up with his overbearing live-in mother and runs away, leaving Rollins, Hall, and Oats searching for him around Los Angeles. Along the way, they bump into Gaahl, Rob Halford, and other musicians before finding Danzig at a karaoke contest with the line-up of Guns N’ Roses (minus Axl), belting out Coldplay’s “Paradise” from a woman’s perspective. Plausible.

We can already guess what Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig are going to think about this, if their reaction to the first comic is any indication. Back then, Rollins commented, “Has Glenn seen this? Trust me, he would not be impressed.” Eventually, Glenn did see it and proceeded to rant, the gist of which Neely naturally adapted into a comic called “The Final Blow”.

Happy belated birthday, you misfit.

Check out the full preview over at SPIN.