Here Are 25 Amazing GIFified Album Covers For Your Viewing Pleasure

I’m not sure how the Animated Albums Tumblr has apparently been around for months without — until this week — crossing my radar. I kind of feel that I’ve let you, dear UPROXX reader, down by not having caught it and presented it to you sooner. Then again, having not noticed sooner allowed the site to amass quite an impressive collection, so there’s my cop out!

All of the album cover GIFs on the site are created by an obviously fine gentleman who goes by the name of Mr. Dormouse. And he takes “suggestions” — so if you have a favorite album cover that you’d like to see GIFified that isn’t already a part of his collection, holla at him with a “recommendation.”

With all of that said, I’m surprised more artists/bands aren’t doing this sort of thing with their album covers on the web (Or are they?). Remember when R.E.M. did one last year and it was billed as the first-ever GIF album cover that would “usher in a new era of album artwork.” Doesn’t seem to have caught on, at least yet, but it should.

Anyway, on the following pages are 25 of my favorites from Animated Albums’ collection. Some because the albums are near and dear to me, some because I couldn’t stop looking at the GIFs, and some for both reasons — like the Alice in Chains Jar of Flies cover above. Enjoy.