Here Are ‘Picky’ Taylor Swift’s Alleged Requirements To Dating Her

Seth Rogen’s new BFF, Taylor Swift, is as known for her messy dating history as she is for her impeccable dancing skills (also, singing). But it’s hard to blame her: she’s successful and attractive, and she’s looking for a man who’s equally successful and attractive…and he has to have a sister. And speak two languages. So says Hollywood Life, which claims to have spoken to an inside source about Swift’s “long list of what she wants in her next boyfriend.” The answer is: not you.

“She wants someone on her level when it comes to their career, plus, they have to be hot — like leading man hot. And she would love a guy that can speak at least two languages…There are simple things on the list too. She wants a guy that has at least one sister because she thinks it will make him a better boyfriend. He has to have a good relationship with his parents, especially his mom, but he can’t be a mama’s boy. Like I said, it is very detailed and it goes on and on. Her friends think she needs to chill. They think being so picky is just going to keep her single.” (Via)

So, to recap, Swift is looking for a successful hot guy with a sister who speaks multiple languages and loves his mom but not so much that it seems weird. We have the perfect fella for her.

Oh, wait.

Via Hollywood Life