Here’s Lance Bass Recreating The Infinite Joy That Was ‘Big Mouth Billy Bass’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

So someone suggests to Jimmy Fallon, “hey, got anyone who can bring Big Mouth Billy Bass to life for me? I loved that.” Fallon, being a grinning ball of nostalgic energy, calls upon former ‘N Sync member and wannabe cosmonaut Lance Bass to stand in for everyone’s favorite fish on The Tonight Show. The results are below.

If there was ever anything that didn’t need to be dug up for nostalgic purposes, it’s Big Mouth Billy Bass. My family had one and loved it, threw it on the fireplace mantle, and even showed it off to friends. But not I, no, no. I hated the signing bastard.

The consolation here is that they called him “Big Mouth” Lance Bass on national television. If he’s ever in the market for a gig in porno, he’s got the proper name laid out for him.

(Via The Tonight Show)