Rob Thomas Is Bringing Hologram Karaoke To Your Town

Just in my humble opinion, Karaoke is terrible and so are people who get excited to see holograms. And yet, I must be wrong because the masses have spoken: singer Rob Thomas is looking to bring both of those things together in one central place. Prepare yourself, because the Matchbox 20 frontman has the first ever hologram karaoke experience on his upcoming tour.

Thomas is intimately familiar with the rules of karaoke thanks to Sinbad, so who better to take the tipsy pastime into the future? Thomas is teaming up with VNTANA, the folks who made those hologram selfies, to provide augmented reality karaoke to people who buy his VIP packages.

Fans will be able to sing a duet with Thomas and receive a video of the performance to share on social media. It’s like those karaoke booths they used to have at malls, but you can mention it without sounding hopelessly old — well if you aren’t embarrassed by singing “Smooth.” And Thomas says you should expect something a little better than hologram Tupac.

“The technology is so good that when you watch it on a screen it looks like you’re watching a live performance… you’ll forget that you’re watching a hologram,” he told Mashable. “Now it’s crystal clear, like HD.”

Thomas is currently touring the U.S. alongside Counting Crows. Shows run through September 30 and tour dates can be found here. As far as unique karaoke experiences go, have to say, man, it’s a hot one.

(Via Mashable)

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