Holy ’90s Batman! Everclear, Gin Blossoms, Lit, Marcy Playground, & Sugar Ray Are Touring Together

Is it possible for five bands to go on tour together, and only play a total of 10 songs? Because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hear more than snarled sing-along “My Own Worst Enemy” and hazy acoustic hit “Sex and Candy” from Lit and Marcy Playground when they travel this great nostalgic country of ours with fellow quintessential ’90s bands Everclear (“Hey bro, remember that song about divorce?” “Which one?” “ALL OF THEM”), Gin Blossoms, and Sugar Ray.

The Summerland Tour 2012 begins on June 28, and hits such musical hot spots as Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Del Mair Fairgrounds (a free show), Time Warner Cable Uptown Amphitheater, and Bayfront Festival Park in scenic Duluth, Minnesota. If you wanna shell out the big bucks, you can purchase a special package for $275, which includes an “Exclusive Meet & Greet with Art Alexakis of Everclear & Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray.” There’s your chance to finally ask Mr. McGrath how he mastered the pinball machine c*ck thrust in the “Every Morning” video — and why his band is so awful.

And lest you worry: Barenaked Ladies and Blues Traveler are hitting the road together, too, on the Last Summer of Earth tour, while Smash Mouth — featuring Steve Harwell’s isolated vocals — are going at it alone. Oh, and Collective Soul too. See you in Albany on TBD, fellas! Some greatest “hit” after the jump.