How Did It Take This Long To Mashup Chandler Bing With ‘Hotline Bling’?

If you think about it (and you should), Chandler Bing and Drake really do have quite a bit in common. Both loudly and verbally agonize over the women in their lives. Both can really rock a fuzzy sweater. Both have a complex relationship with their mother. Both mask their insecurities with humor. And, as a new mashup reminds us, both have incredibly awkward but ultimately endearing dance moves. It’s surprising it took this long.

Comedy Central India, clearly a company full of visionaries and preternatural geniuses, has gone ahead and amalgamated Chandler Bing and Drake’s infamous “Hotline Bling,” something all of us should have thought of months ago. Obvious Bing/Bling pun aside, Drake and Chandler have the same sort of neurotic energy, the same profound obsession with understanding the motivations of and winning the affections of the women of their choosing. Just as Chandler stews endlessly about whether or not his lady love has received his voicemail, Drake drunk-dials the woman that he would try, who’s happy with a good guy, and forces her to have a long, slurry conversation about how he’s just saying she could do better. And just as Chandler is prone to forcing large groups of people to watch his bizarre dance moves… well, you guys remember: