How To Twerk: The Definitive Instructional Video

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.04.13 2 Comments
Miley Cyrus twerking

No, not THIS video.

Kids today sure love their twerking! Imagine Beatlemania, except instead of “all you need is love,” John Lennon was saying, “make your butt cheeks move, but don’t move the rest of your body.” Mass hysteria!

What happens if you don’t know HOW to twerk? It’s not a skill you’re born with, necessarily. You can’t go to school for it. I don’t think ‘Glee’ has done an episode about it, either, and those are the only ways people under 20 learn things.

UPROXX is here for you. We’ve saved you the arduous work of typing “the f**k is twerking” into YouTube and found the definitive, be-all-end-all video on the dance, which you can watch below. You’ll thank us for this later.

If you try this technique at the club, be careful, and try not to break anybody’s toilets.

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