Iggy Azalea Drops Four New Songs ‘4 My Ratz’ Despite Label Woes

Getty Image

Iggy Azalea promised her fans an album earlier this year, but ultimately Digital Distortion never saw the light of day and after she ranted about her label woes on Twitter it’s unlikely that it will any time soon. Still, fans have been able to keep up with her on social media and today she rewarded them in kind with a new four-pack of songs she’s calling the 4 My Ratz EP.

“I am going to put some songs up tonight that my friend (Ljay Currie) produced for me over the summer that i feel are motivational,” she said on Twitter, announcing the new songs. “i wrote them and (Ljay Currie) did all the beats and we both say its fine if you download them.”

Iggy went on to clarify that the songs “arent album cuts made on label time” so she’s free to give them away despite whatever issues she’s having with Def Jam at the moment. Iggy also mentioned that she decided not to “give away songs other people have helped write/produce” because it would be in poor taste, so the EP is a solo effort besides one rap verse Currie provides on “Going Up.”

Iggy made the songs available for download for free here, and they’re available to stream via Youtube below.