UPROXX VIDEO: The Coolest Interactive Music Videos That’ll Change The Way You Hear These Songs

Some music videos are great because they work perfectly together with a certain song, some music videos are great because they are so weirdly out of left field that you can’t get them out of your head, and some are great because their specific creativity and interactive nature makes the song even better than it was on its own. Making a good music video is hard, which is why some veteran acts access the zeitgeist by recruiting some viral talent along to court the youths. But the artists that go above and beyond to find ways for their fans to actually interact with the videos themselves instead of just visually experience the art are probably the coolest.

There’s Light Light, who programmed the video for their single “Kilo” to add the cursor movements of every viewer to the screen. Most people probably don’t even remember that single except in regards to the video itself. Death Grip’s video for “I’ve Seen Footage” lets whoever is watching choose their own adventure with an interactive pool party setting. Experiencing the video’s party through the eyes of the girl on the moon bounce or the bro in the corner or any number of other characters is a second tier experience that makes the song memorable. A great modern example is a video that was put together for Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” which allows people to flip through a crazy amount of fake TV channels while the characters on screen lip sync along. There are enough options involved to keep people distracted for hours. Check out the video for more great examples, and then go enjoy some of the most addicting interactive videos out there while you procrastinate at work.