Iron Maiden Is Coming Back To Gaming After A 20-Year Absence With ‘Legacy Of The Beast’

Have you ever been playing Clash of Clans and thought to yourself, “I wish I was playing an Iron Maiden video game on my phone instead of this dumb barbarian game!” Well, guess what, today is your lucky day.

The iconic ’80s metal group has returned with their second video game, Legacy of the Beast. Iron Maiden’s first venture into the gaming world came back in 1999 with the CD-Rom release of Ed Hunter. Clearly, it’s taken the group some time to release the second game if they’re going from CD-Rom to iOS mobile games, but it’s time well taken.

Today we’re getting our first glimpse at the mobile game with the teaser trailer above, which has described the game as “an epic action RPG set in the expansive Iron Maiden universe, coming to mobile devices Summer 2016!” Right off the bat, it sounds badass. Legacy of the Beast will be an RPG style game that has you play as Maiden’s mascot, Eddie, as he fights through different worlds of the Iron Maiden universe. To sweeten the deal, music from the group spanning their entire career, as well as some unreleased live performances, will be included in the game.

Iron Maiden have always been somewhat involved in video games, like just this past Summer when the British rockers turned their website’s homepage into an 8-bit Donkey Kong style arcade game. But this deep dive back into the gaming world is a welcomed one for the British Heavy Metal legends.

(via Metal Injection)