J. Cole Proclaimed Drake To Be ‘The Best Rapper’ Ever At His Show In London

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Drake has been in a reflective mood recently. On Thursday, the Canadian pop star revisited some old Twitter DM’s from old friends like Kevin Durant, Trey Songz, and Kendrick Lamar.

“Logged into my twitter today and got a quick reminder that time is in full flight…a lot of blessings to be aware and appreciative of for so many of us…take a quick moment to digest the progression in your life no matter how small or large. Then get back to it,” he wrote. On Thursday, the 32-year-old took another moment to digest his progression.

This time, he was on stage at London’s 02 Arena during his sixth and final night there as part of his “Assassination Vacation” Tour. The night’s special guest was none other than J. Cole. Cole and Drake’s shared history goes far back. In 2010, Drake lent a guest verse to the “In the Morning,” the breakout single from Cole’s third mixtape Friday Night Lights.

Since then, the pair’s collaborations have been sparing, but despite this, an older millennial solidarity has seemed to persist between the two in the midst of rap’s increasingly youthful landscape. On Tuesday night, Drake and Cole took some time onstage to reflect on their shared past and appreciate one another.


“Top five, if not arguably…the best rapper to ever come in this m*therf*cker,” Cole announced to the crowd with an arm around Drake. The Scorpion rapper reciprocated the energy.

“All you keep doing is keep getting bigger and better,” Drake told Cole. “I appreciate you and I can’t wait to make some new music with you.”

We know Drake has begun a new album. Now, we may have a clue as to who the first feature will be.