Premiere: The Jack Black Polka Band’s ‘Rappin’ Polka’ Is A Sly Introduction To Netflix’s ‘The Polka King’


On January 12th, Netflix will be premiering a new film titled The Polka King starring Jack Black. The film tells the true story of Jan Lewan, a Polish immigrant who became the “King of Pennsylvania Polka.” Black predictably sinks himself fully into the role, which will include a soundtrack of classic polka songs re-imagined by a group calling themselves The Jack Black Polka Band. The ensemble features members of the Jan Lewan Orchestra as well as notable players in the polka music scene.

Black is no stranger to music as half of the hilarious duo Tenacious D, and this taste of the upcoming soundtrack includes a dash of the comedic chops he honed with that group. Titled “Rappin’ Polka,” the song features Black as Lewan, complete with a Polish accent, providing narrative rhymes about his ambitions as a polka musician. But getting lost in Black’s accent work undercuts the solid musicianship to be found here. The soundtrack boasts about the musicians that it has rounded up to be featured, and it’s not hard to hear why.

The full soundtrack will be released tomorrow on Lakeshore Records, a week ahead of the film. Check out the tracklisting below, and tune into Netflix to see the movie.

1. “Ole Ole Polka”
2. “Pennsylvania Polka”
3. “Everybody Polka Polka”
4. “Kosil Ojciec Siano”
5. “Miala Baba Koguta”
6. “Lou Laroue Show Polka”
7. “More Is My Love”
8. “Clarinetter’s Polka (Instrumental)”
9. “To Be An American”
10. “Pierogi Baby”
11. “Polka Bubbles”
12. “Red Apple Oberek”
13. “Thank You So Much Jesus”
14. “Rappin’ Polka”