Jalaiah Harmon, Creator Of The Viral Renegade Dance On K Camp’s ‘Lottery,’ Joins Twitter To Thank Fans

Kids all around the country have been doing the best impression of the viral Renegade dance. Dancers get their moves going over K Camp’s “Lottery” for each impression of the dance and as it continued to grow, many wondered who was responsible for creating the now-viral dance in the first place. After some time, the creator emerged and her name is Jalaiah Harmon.

Harmon wasn’t always credited for creating the dance. In fact, she actually had to fight to receive the credit she truly deserved. The first video of Harmon performing the dance was posted to Instagram back in September 2019, but in the following months, she would have the dance taken and altered by different users on its path towards virality.


Thanks to her persistent followers who continued to spread the word about the true creator of the dance, Harmon soon received the credit she longed for with the dance. A number of celebrities helped spread the word about Harmon including Matthew Cherry, Holly Sorenson, the NBA, and K CAMP himself.

To show gratitude for the people all around the world who helped her, Harmon joined Twitter yesterday to give her thanks to the celebrities above and her fans as a whole for their support in the matter.

Read some of Jalaiah Harmon’s tweets above.