Artist Jamie Hewlett Possibly Confirmed The Return Of Gorillaz Through Instagram


Gorillaz are the groundbreaking band created by the stylish artist Jame Hewlett and the talented Blur frontman Damon Albarn. The idea was to see if they could create a virtual band and actually have said band come to popularity, despite being animated characters (which up to now, has happened in Japan). The fact the the roster of other musicians and guests on the albums have been typically stellar doesn’t seem to hurt the band’s cult following.


Hewlett has recently begun posting new art of some the band members (like Murdoc below) which led to someone asking him if there was going to be a return of the stellar animated band, to which Hewlett simply replied:

“Yes Gorillaz Returns”

In true cryptic, Gorillaz fashion, that is all we know now. But just the simple fact we are getting more music from this band is something to get excited about. Often using different producers for each record and working with different styles, genres, and sounds, it should be pretty awesome to see what musical landscapes this animated band of ass-kickers will take us to next. More details as they emerge.

Clint Eastwood could not be reached for comment.

Via Revolt, H/T to Pitchfork