Janelle Monáe Goes All In On Boobs With The (Definitely NSFW) Vinyl And CD Editions Of Her Upcoming Album, ‘The Age Of Pleasure’

Much has been made about Janelle Monáe’s upcoming album, The Age Of Pleasure, specifically as it relates to her often-NSFW rollout of the project. Now, they’re back with more, via the newly revealed CD and vinyl editions of the album that continue to put breasts on display.

In a post shared on Twitter this afternoon (May 23), Monáe posted photos of the vinyl edition. On the front is alternate cover art, a warm-colored portrait of Monáe. When the packaging is opened up, revealed is a painting of breasts (presumably Monáe’s, given how eager she’s been to show them off lately). Monáe’s tweet with photos of the vinyl packaging can be found here.

Meanwhile, the CD edition of the album also shows off some skin. The cover art is the same underwater shot as the original cover, but the art on the CD features a different photo from that same shoot, in which Monáe is also topless in a pool.

As Monáe recently put it, “I’m much happier when my titties are out and I can run around free.”

The various editions of the album can be perused and purchased here.

The Age Of Pleasure is out 6/9 via Wondaland Arts Society/Atlantic Records. Find more information here.

Janelle Monáe is a Warner Music artist. .