Watch Jason Isbell Voice A Cool Preacher On ‘Squidbillies’

Squidbillies has been an improbably resilient show for Adult Swim. Despite not being one of the iconic programs to carry the late night cartoon block, the Southern-fried animated series has been on since 2005, and is airing its 10th season finale on Sunday. Considering its subject matter, perhaps it is not surprising that Jason Isbell will be appearing in the season finale, and you can watch a clip now.

The former Drive-By Trucker, and current solo artist, will not be appearing as himself, however. Instead, Isbell will be voicing a decidedly “cool” pastor named Kyle Nubbins. He’s got cool clothes, slicked back hair, and a tattoo of Jesus. While he doesn’t use it in the clip, there is also a guitar near ol’ pastor Nubbins. One assumes, given Isbell’s primary career, Pastor Nubbins will be singing a tune or two.

The clip showcases Isbell’s appearance on the show, even if the last joke goes to a hillbilly squid shooting a hole in the roof with a shotgun. Isbell seems like a solid enough voice actor, and since he recorded his own version of the Squidbillies theme song five years ago, he probably enjoyed the experience. For those who are unfamiliar, this is a really weird show, and the animation is kind of purposefully unpleasant. If you are an Isbell fan who wants to tune in just to hear him voice a cartoon, you may be biting off more than you can chew. This is probably just cool news for people who are already fans of Isbell and Squidbillies.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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