Jay-Z & Beyonce Started A Tumblr To Post Photos Of Blue Ivy Carter

02.10.12 6 Comments

There are two reasons and two reasons only why people in the public eye release news or intentionally do something newsworthy on a Friday evening. The first is that they have something unsavory they need to make public — releasing the news late on a Friday increases the chance that it’ll fade away with little fanfare and will be seen by fewer people, since most people tune out once the weekend arrives and stories can lose traction by the time Monday rolls around and they tune back in.

The other reason people in the public eye release news or do something newsworthy on a Friday evening is because they want to stick it to the people in media whose job it is to cover them, because, depending on the newsworthiness of the item, it can wreck a media professional’s Friday night plans by making them have to run to the office or home to cover the story, instead of having dinner or drinks or looking for hookers on Craigslist.

With that said, Jay-Z and Beyonce must really not like the media, as they chose to shun the millions of dollars they certainly would’ve gotten for photos of Blue Ivy to unveil them on Tumblr. Three of the pics the America’s royal couple posted are below after the jump. Now, excuse me while I get back to getting my weekend on.

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