Jean Dawson Gave 50 Cent’s ‘Window Shopper’ An Alt-Rock Spin In Honor Of Black Music Month

Rock innovator Jean Dawson has shared an electrifying cover of a 50 Cent classic. Today (June 14), as part of a special Spotify Singles series honoring Black Music Month, Dawson covered 50’s 2005 hit single, “Window Shopper.”

Dawson’s cover of “Window Shopper” pays homage to 50, while giving it a rock-influenced spin of his own, complete with clashing percussion and plucky guitars.

He explained that he chose to cover “Window Shopper,” as 50’s name has been ubiquitous in a variety of genres.

“People fail to realize that he [50 Cent] was an innovator in being hyper-melodic while doing a format of music that was known for being more rhythmic,” said Dawson in a statement. “I have always seen him as being very punk rock.”

50 may posit to say the same thing about his own music. In a recent interview with Vulture, 50 said that he believed that at his peak, his music was able to unite a diverse bunch of people.

“It’s very rare that you can get these people to agree on stuff,” he said. “And one thing within entertainment culture is when it works, it feels like magic because the music comes on and they can agree to have a good time.”

You can check out Dawson’s cover of “Window Shopper” above.