As A Queer, Asian Choreographer, Jeffrey Liang Is Using Dance To Help Reclaim His Identities

With the help of fans, Sprite® and Uproxx connected rising star Moxie Knox and a crowdsourced group of emerging creatives to bring to life a music video for her self-love-anthem “Love Me Right.” Follow us as we introduce you to Moxie’s creative collaborators as they each put their mark on this project.

When it comes to making a music video stand out from the rest, there’s one thing that can make or break a clip — choreography. And as the creative team behind Moxie Knox’s “Love Me Right” video comes together to make the project work, choreography is definitely a major component. In fact, when a master choreographer is at work, movement is just as important as the vocals or the melody.

Enter Jeffrey Liang, a queer, Asian choreographer who is more than familiar with how dancing is an essential part of a music video. In fact, he even argues that footwear itself can make a break a move, speaking to the specifics of dancing in heels (which he shows off in the above video). “There is a style and technique of dancing in heels,” he told UPROXX. “Generally, it is more on the sensual side, and after meeting the artist [Moxie] and hearing the song, it’s the perfect fit.”

Jeffrey is also a perfect fit with this video because he’s more than familiar with the way stereotypes and minority status can hold creatives back. That’s part of why being chosen by Sprite® to help work with Moxie Knox was hugely important for him. “It’s not only acknowledging where I’m at in my career but also acknowledging the growth I’ve done in reclaiming myself and my identities,” he explained. He even admits he was surprised when he made the final cut for the project, but watching his energy in the video, it’s clear that he has what it takes to bring the “Love Me Right” video home.