Jessica Simpson Appeared To Be Drunk During A Strange HSN Appearance

Nobody does “ditzy blonde” quite like the woman who wasn’t sure if Chicken of the Sea tuna was chicken or tuna. But the level of ditziness displayed during her live HSN showcase Thursday night was enough for the internet to wonder, “Wait, is Jessica Simpson drunk?”

The 36-year-old star appeared to be a train wreck during the showcase for her new clothing line. Watchers couldn’t help notice Jessica moving about like a woman under the influence of something as she slurred her words, awkwardly swayed about, and allegedly made bizarre statements like, “When you wear jeans, they go right on your hips.”

Jessica’s wacky HSN appearance comes on the heels of longstanding rumors that the notorious scotch lover is battling an Adderall addiction on top of her alleged alcohol addiction. The star’s family has reportedly been trying to get the mother of two into rehab, but apparently, she won’t go, go, go.