Jimmy Kimmel Finally Got Around To Tricking Hipsters At SXSW Into Professing Their Love For Fake Bands

Jimmy Kimmel’s “pranks” have worn a little thin of late but there’s no denying the genius of questioning-so-called-hip-music-fans-about-fake-bands and the endless enjoyment it supplies. I’m actually kind of shocked that shooting in Austin all week it took them this long to get around to it. I usually question how many people they have to go through before properly editing these segments to make everyone look like an idiot, but as someone heading back from SXSW right now I’d surmise this was all done in one quick take.

As always the fake band names themselves are half the victory here. I’m actually kind of bummed Heavy Flow and What the F*ck Bruce Jenner? aren’t real acts. Bonus points for Game of Thrones inspired line of question and background guy at the 1:22 mark.

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