Premiere: Jitta On The Track’s ‘Dr. Phil’ Video Is A Funky, Self-Animated Parody

While the term “recording artist” gets thrown around a lot as a euphemism for “rapper” or “singer,” in Jitta On The Track’s case, it’s wonderfully literal. The Southern-born Connecticut rapper not only writes and record music, he’s also a talented visual artist in his own right.

He brings both sets of skills to the music video for “Dr. Phil,” his April single that evokes upbeat rap bops like Macklemore’s “Marmalade” and Kyle’s “iSpy.”

The lyrics compare Jitta to the latter, claiming “B*tch, I’m Dr. Phil / I think I know crazy,” as he flexes about his candy paint and real gold chain. Jitta also recounts the various foibles of a female acquaintance with his sing-song flow, warning that, “I know she crazy, I see it from here / I can read it on her face.”

The colorful video, which Jitta self-animated and directed, features wild caricatures of celebrities and political figures including Miley Cyrus (in full-on Bangerz mode), Bill O’Reilly, Britney Spears (circa her shaved-head/mental breakdown days), President Donald Trump and his good buddy Vladimr Putin, and of course, the titular Dr. Phil himself.

Jitta and track co-star Myke Green are represented here as well, as they bob their way around various cartoon versions of Los Angeles landmarks like the Hollywood sign, depicted here as “Vainwood,” and In-N-Out, or “Sin-N-Out,” as the video calls it.

According to Jitta’s Twitter, there are over 150 Easter eggs hidden throughout the video. Check it out above, exclusively on Uproxx, and see how many you can find.