John Berry, Original Beastie Boys Member, Is Dead At Age 52

Another Beastie Boys member has passed away. This time the sad news being reported is that John Berry, the original guitarist and a formative member of the band, has died at only age 52 in Massachusetts. According to his father, who confirmed the musician’s passing, Berry had apparently been suffering for some time from frontal lob dementia which had only worsened in the past few months. He died in a hospice center on the North Shore of the state and will be missed.

Although he only stayed in the band for a few years before leaving permanently in 1982, his contributions to their formation and importance should not be overlooked. The rest of his former band members credit him with coming up with the name of the iconic group and their first gig ever (as well as many after that) is said to have been in Berry’s apartment in Manhattan. If there was ever a reason to go above 60th street for a buddy’s random living room concert that was probably the one time to make an exception.

In the video above, you can see the band’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony from a few years ago where they mention Berry’s influence. He was replaced by Ad-Rock, who is far more well-known as a member of the group. Adam Yauch, another founding piece of the Beastie Boys, similarly passed away too young from cancer in 2012.

(Via Rolling Stone)