John Mulaney Insists You ‘Do Whatever You Have To Do To Go See Usher’ In His Las Vegas Shows

On the heels of his Netflix special, Baby J, John Mulaney paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he talked about rehab, living with the show’s host, and making a recovery.

Upon his big comeback, Mulaney has been in Las Vegas, where he performed a few stand-up sets. On one night, Mulaney went to one of Usher’s shows, which evidently, proved to be a life-changing experience for him.

“Do whatever you have to do to go see Usher,” Mulaney said at about 9 minutes into the video. “I didn’t know the name of a single Usher song. But as I’m watching the show and hearing all these hits — hit after hit — I realized I have heard all of these songs of the past 25 years while I’m getting my haircut.”

Since the show, Mulaney revealed he’s had an “existential crisis” since attending. However, it has since inspired him to step up his craft.

“I’m in Vegas, I sell a ticket to come see me. He sells a ticket to come see him,” Mulaney says. “What you get when you go see Usher — I’m up on stage, talking about addiction — this guy, he was on roller skates at one point, singing, and dancing, and interjecting positivity. He kept pausing to go, ‘We’ve got one night, it’s all love.’ I’ve never paused my show to tell everyone ‘it’s all love,’ but maybe, I should start doing that.”

You can check out the interview above.