Johnny Cash Pulls A Tupac And Releases A ‘New’ Song, ‘She Used To Love Me a Lot’

Meanwhile, in Heaven, Johnny Cash and Tupac are locked in an epic game of table tennis that’s been going on non-stop for the past five years, minus a few minutes here and there for the music icons to watch J.A.G. (Tupac’s a HUGE fan) and call their managers back on Earth to release a “new” song. Heaven ain’t cheap — rumor has it Cash is in deep with Don Knotts — which is why the Man in Black is hoping you’ll buy Out Among the Stars.

Not long before Columbia Records dropped him from the only label he’d known since 1960, Cash recorded an LP called Out Among the Stars. He hung onto the master tapes, which John Carter recently found among a huge stash of Johnny and wife June Carter’s effects. The album, due out March 25th, features duets with June and his old friend Waylon Jennings. John Carter hand-picked the track “She Used to Love Me a Lot,” a stout, twangy ballad of regret colored by the mandolin of a young Marty Stuart, to release ahead of the album. (Via)

To hear the song, head to Rolling Stone, then watch Cash pal around with the Muppets below.