Jon Hopkins Shares A Tense, Rhythmic Video For The Swelling Electronic Epic ‘Singularity’

Earlier this year, Jon Hopkins released Singularity, an expansive electronic record filled with different atmospheres, beats, and moods. The album begins with the title track, a patient song that starts with a slow swell that keeps on building a palpable anticipation throughout the whole track. Now Hopkins has shared a video for the track. In the clip, directed by Sebastian Edwards, a man and woman meet in the streets and engage in a tense, passionate, and rhythmic dance that goes along with the sense of movement the song provides.

Hopkins previously told Uproxx about the song and explained how it encapsulates the philosophy of the album:

“That sound at the beginning of the record is a piano string vibrating and then it morphs into a series of different modular synthesis, kind of a groan I guess, and then it causes everything to sound like it was growling from there and everything was constantly morphing. That was one of the ideas I had before I started the record, that everything was starting with one note and then retreated to that same sound right at the very end.”

Watch the “Singularity” video above, and read our interview with Hopkins here.

Singularity is out now via Domino. Get it here.