Julian Casablancas And The Voidz Covered Milli Vanilli, Keeping The Dream Of The ’90s Alive


Milli Vanilli isn’t well-thought of or well-remembered. Being the only Grammy award-winner in history to have to return your award because you didn’t sing any of your songs has a way of impacting one’s legacy in a negative way.

But despite the ups and downs (including an all-time best Behind the Music episode), somehow their catchy dance pop still endures. If it can fool the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, it can certainly still live on in a few hearts. One of those very hearts belongs to Julian Casablancas, apparently, as he performed “Girl You Know It’s True” by the disgraced group while at the Beach Goth Festival in Orange County, California.


Some of the Instagrammers labeled the song as a new track, possibly because they were too young to have lived through the Milli Vanilli fiasco, but clearly they were feeling the song (despite its specious origins). Maybe we should give Milli Vanilli a break after 25 years. If nothing, we should look fondly back upon a time where a couple of German male models could lip-sync a bunch of songs, dance by running in place, and get famous enough to be animated on the Saturday morning Nintendo cartoon, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Ah, it was a simpler time.

(via Spin)