Justin Bieber’s Portrayal Of ‘Canadian Superman’ In A Youtube Comedy Sketch Is Spot On

As a former Saturday Night Live host, Justin Bieber knows his way around sketch comedy. Now he’s decided that he’d like to flex his acting muscles again, so in a new Youtube sketch from Rudy Mancuso (a comedian who gained notoriety as a popular Vine user) called “Racist Superman,” Bieber plays the overly polite, hockey-loving Canadian Superman.

In the sketch (which also stars Vine success story King Bach), various versions of Superman from around the world show up at a diner, each one a stereotypical representation of their homes. There’s Hispanic Superman (aka “SuperJuan”), Black Superman, Asian Superman, Jewish Superman, Middle Eastern Superman, French Superman, Swedish Superman, and of course, Canadian Superman.

As the other… Supermen?… are arguing among themselves, Bieber pops in, donning a Superman suit along with a hockey helmet, gloves, and a stick. His cameo is brief, but during it, he asks the others if they want to “shoot a little puck, eh,” and tries to relate to the other Supermen with culture-specific compliments. “I love hip-hop music,” he tells Black Superman, and later says to Asian Superman, “I loved Pokémon growing up.” Then he leaves because he was deemed too nice to participate in their argument about which Superman is the best.

Watch the video above, Bieber’s appearance starts at the 6-minute mark.