Justin Bieber On The Weeknd: ‘That Sh*t’s Wack’

If you’re in the market for some good, old-fashioned pop star beef, TMZ has stumbled upon a gold mine. In the most predictable news ever, it appears Justin Bieber is a little miffed about The Weeknd dating his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, and he’s not hiding it.

The ever-present TMZ staff spotted Bieber and went straight for the lowest hanging fruit possible, asking him if he listens to any of The Weeknd’s music. While most publicists would have The Biebz simply ignore the obviously baiting question, there apparently weren’t any publicists around because he was clear about his opinion musical and I guess romantic rival.

“Hell nah I can’t listen to The Weeknd songs,” he said. “That sh*t’s wack.”

So yeah, Bieber is the exact type of narcissist you’d always imagined. The kind that just can’t stand to see his ex move on, even years after they were last reportedly linked. It’s likely The Weeknd responds, at least subliminally, at some point but given how mum he can be in the media it could be a while.

Or, they could do the typical musician thing and perform together and make a few songs or something. All of Canada will be waiting on pins and needles to see their two native sons nip this in the bud.