Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man Of The Woods’ Tracklist Feels Like A Parody

Deputy Music Editor

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Since Justin Timberlake announced his personal new album that would incorporate his Tennessee upbringing and his family life, people have had plenty of fun speculating on what it might sound like. There have been the Bon Iver comparisons, bolstered by the singer’s past SNL impression and the vaguely familiar sounds coming from the teaser. There have been thoughts that this album will be his long-speculated country album, which is evidenced by an announced appearance from Christ Stapleton and the frickin’ titled being Man Of The Woods. And in the press materials, the T-Lake camp called American rock and roll an album touchstone.

So when the album’s first single came out last night, the funk-overdrive jam “Filthy,” none of these expectations really came to fruition. If anything, expectations of a wide-ranging album came into play. And now that Timberlake has offered up the tracklist for Man Of The Woods, the whole thing is starting to feel like a bizarre parody.

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