Kanye West Gave A College Lecture And Proved He Can, In Fact, Smile


Kanye West spoke at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on Sunday night, and, as you can imagine, it was very Kanye West. The lecture was somewhat of a Q&A, with Kanye taking questions from the students and giving them answers, including, “But I’m motherf*cking Kanye West.”

On Monday, Kanye will be receiving an Honorary Doctoral Degree from SAIC, which has frustrated some who don’t consider West to be a “fine artist.” Corinna Kirsch, an SAIC alum and senior editor of art magazine Art F City, had this to say about the rapper receiving the degree: “As an alum of SAIC, I am offended that the school’s exorbitant tuition and fees will help fund this nonsense.” Oh well, Kanye shrug. He’s still come a long way since being a college dropout.

One hard-hitting question led to some breaking news about Kanye: Despite almost all evidence pointing to the contrary, he is capable of smiling.

Listen to the full lecture, and check out some individual highlights below.


(Via Chicago Tribune; h/t Stereogum)