Kanye West Asked Paul McCartney, ‘What Was P*ssy Like In The ’60s?’

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Now that Kanye West and Paul McCartney have made history with the greatest rapper-rocker collaboration since the Fat Boys and Chubby Checker, they’re good buddies. I’m not saying they stay up until all hours of the night, speaking to each other on the phone like Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, but that’s exactly what I’m saying. What do they talk about? Girls, obviously.

During a talk at the iHeartMedia Music Summit, West revealed the chat one has with a Beatle.

[“Only One”] came together with McCartney jamming and Kanye freestyling, and West said he only realized when he heard the song played back that “my only one” was the meaning behind his first name.

He discussed what a sexy song the Beatles’ “Come Together” is, and how he was in complete disbelief when Paul stood across from him and played the bassline. He also recalled jokingly asking the Beatle, “What was p*ssy like in the ’60s?” (Via)

Other questions he had for McCartney:

1. Why is everyone calling me a gay fish?

That’s it. The only questions he asks anyone are about gay fish and vintage p*ssy.

(Look out for Vintage P*ssy, the title of Kanye’s next album.)

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