A Fan Stage-Rushed Kanye West At Glastonbury, And Yeezus Stopped The Show

Glastonbury headliner Kanye West received a surprise guest onstage during his performance. Some would say Kanye had it coming after fake-interrupting Beck’s Grammy speech. Not to mention his “Imma let you finish” moment with Taylor Swift. But Yeezus does not practice what Yeezus preaches.

Kanye was busy ripping through “Black Skinhead” when comedian Lee Nelson entered the stage and mimed some mad rapping skills. Kanye appeared startled before signaling security, who promptly tackled the man. Yeezus didn’t let the guy finish. He stopped the song and ordered a restart. This stage-rushing stunt follows protests over Kanye’s headlining status, but it sounds like Nelson simply wanted some attention. He later tweeted that he was only trying to help.


Otherwise, the show was a raging success, especially by Kanye’s own standards. During the “Gold Digger” encore, Yeezus told the crowd, “I’m going to say this now, because I might not be able to in 20, 30, 40 years’ time. You are now watching the greatest living rock star on the planet!”

(Via The Mirror, The Telegraph & Digital Spy)

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