Kanye West Released The Official Version Of His ‘Black Skinhead’ Video. It’s…Something.

07.22.13 5 years ago 2 Comments


It seems like so many people have already forgotten about Kanye West’s Yeezus that dropped six weeks ago. Well, it happened, despite the fact Jay-Z stole most of Yeezy’s thunder. As for the album, some people hated it, some liked it, and some think it’s a classic because they want to tell you how much smarter they are than you. You just don’t get it, man!

Two Weeks ago, a version of the “Black Skinhead” video hit the ‘net and it featured CGI Yeezy Wiener. Apparently that wasn’t the official version. This version that looks like a late-90s music video you’d see on TRL or something. The graphics are horrible. Honestly, I would have preferred a video of Kanye West beating up TMZ guys Dragonball Z style set to his newest music. But this is what we get. An oddly bulky computer Kanye dancing around. Sweet.

To see the video, you have to head over to KanyeWest.com and see the full spectacle. Enjoy. Or don’t. Or whatever you’re supposed to do while watching it.

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