Karol G’s Acoustic Performance Of ‘Casi Nada’ Shows Why She’s Well On Her Way To Stardom

Karol G is looking to become a global pop star, but that doesn’t mean she’s likely to forget her roots. Though the singer/rapper is already a big star in her native Colombia, and is grinding day and night with the hopes of breaking everywhere else, she still makes time for performances like the one above. Her acoustic take on her mega-hit “Casi Nada” — recorded on a rooftop in her hometown of Medellin — bridges the gap between the outsized pop music that she makes and the sort of sounds she no doubt heard her aspiring musician father play when she was a child. Check it out up top.

Karol has set her sights on being nothing less then a legend, as she explained in our latest episode of Uncharted. With her incredible versatility, her goal to “get into all of the hearts in the world” might not be all that far-fetched. She has the vocal ability to perform acoustically like in the video above, and has the kind of powerful voice that’s required to make maximalist pop radio tunes and — much like another artist who managed to break in America and become one of the biggest acts in the world — she is just as comfortable rapping as she is singing.

So really, your best choice is to take the time to listen to her now. You’ll still be late to the party, millions of Colombians beat you to it, but here in the States, you’ll be an early adopter to her inevitable fame.