Kelela’s Colorfully Seductive ‘LMK’ Video Is The Night Out We All Want

Last week, Kelela released her first new single since the drop of her EP, Hallucinogen, in 2015, “LMK.” Today, she treated us to video for the track that captures the sexy and fun vibe of the song. “LMK” is the first single off of her upcoming album Take Me Apart which is set to drop this October. Although Kelela has been collaborating with artists such as Solange and The Gorillaz, its been a while since she’s been in the spotlight — but it seems she is more than ready to make a comeback.

The “LMK” video exemplifies the kind of night your friends promise you when they say “tonight is going to be a movie.” She’s having a good time dancing and seducing the camera in what feels like a throwback underground NYC club filled with party people. In the video, Kelela is styled in a blond wig and black dress which sets off the extremely red setting. Then she rocks a red wig with a purple dress to contrast with the greens and blues of the alternative setting.

The way these colors work can’t help but reminded me of old R&B music videos that also used the idea of making color the focal point of the visual. The video ends with an all-white party that looks just as fun as Diddy’s. The last scene isn’t as sexy as the pervious ones, but gives off a more “carefree, life is good” feeling, and that’s the perfect way to end a night.

Take Me Apart is set to drop in October, and I’m curious to see what Kelela has been working on all this time.

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