Kendrick Lamar’s Mom Texted Him Her Emoji-Filled ‘DAMN.’ Review Calling It ‘Bomb’ And His Best Album Yet

By just about all measures Kendrick Lamar’s new album DAMN. has been a roaring success. The first-week sales numbers are the highest this year — higher than even Drake — making it his most successful commercial album thus far. Critics and fans are raving about the album, giving Kenny the critical acclaim he’s grown accustomed to and even his live show at Coachella has been lauded. But now, K. Dot may have gotten the final vote of approval that matters most to him: his mother’s.

Kendrick posted a screenshot of a text message conversation with his mom on his social media platforms and it’s hilarious. The emoji-laden text from momma Kendrick is so motherly, and so proud you can practically see the pinching of the cheeks through the screen. “OMG. This cd is bombbbbb!” she says to start off the excited review of sorts. “You should have put me and your daddy on this one too,” she continues. “This is your best one to me, no bullsh*t.”

She went on to compliment Kendrick’s fans, and ask about his Coachella performance where he floated in the air and continue to compliment her son in a way only a mother could, saying “boy you could make a dog laugh.” Kendrick took it all in stride, replied telling his mom “You going emoji brazy” and asking her who taught her what the ? emoji means with a laugh.

It’s all fun, and pretty cool K. Dot decided to share it with the world. Check out the message above.