Killer Mike’s Anti-Confederate Merch Tells Fans To ‘Check The Scoreboard’ For The Civil War

Killer Mike has already made his stance on the recent uptick in white supremacist activity quite clear, thank you very much, but just in case anyone thought he’s softened his stance in the last eight months, he’s now selling anti-Confederate merchandise online.

While Mike was accused of soliciting unpaid labor in his search for tour merch designers, it looks like artist Atom Todd was only too happy to submit his design for the “Winners and Losers” tee. The tee features a sports scoreboard with both USA and Confederate flags instead of team logos, with the Confederate side of course losing 1-0. Mike also posted a video debuting the design and sharing his views on those controversial Confederate statues (which, let’s keep in mind, sit in prominent public locations and are paid for by public funds).

Per Mike’s Instagram advertisement, the merchandise was produced in collaboration with Brooklyn boutique label Daylight Curfew, and will include coffee mugs as well. The brand has previously collaborated with Cartoon Network and Mr. Muthaf*ckin Exquire. The Atlanta rapper took some time off from all this serious business to have a little fun alongside Run The Jewels cohort El-P on MTV’s Wild’n Out. Check out some of his hilarious freestyles from the battle segment below.