Kitty Pryde Would Like To Introduce Herself

In the event you haven’t heard of her, Kitty Pryde is kind of the new Kreayshawn — a white girl rapper who’s rapid ascent can be directly attributed to her looks and the internet — minus the ridiculously over-the-top “urban” persona. Some have also compared her to Lana Del Rey for similar reasons, in addition to perhaps not being ready for prime time. Pryde made her stage debut in NYC over the weekend — here’s how Billboard described the occasion.

The pint-sized redhead rapper, whose web persona has earned her this arguably premature concert, donned a strapless dress with a giant bow on the front that she nervously tugged at, remarking, “My boobs are gonna fall out. Y’all gonna take pictures and put them on your blog.” On the contrary, everything stayed intact and the writers in the room, who seemed to outnumber the fans, watched Pryde giggle her way through her very first stage show.

Admittedly, she’s not really my cup of tea (Honestly the main reason I’m posting this is because the thought of following up a Cat Power post with a Kitty Pryde post made me giggle) but I’ll let you judge for yourself: her new video for “Orion’s Belt” features Riff Raff and is embedded below.