Premiere: La Pêche’s ‘Not By Sight’ Video Will Make You Want To Walk Your Block

There’s no denying that La Pêche’s layered and knotty blend of pretty folk harmonies and shoegazing guitar sonics comes off as cold weather music. But that doesn’t mean a track like “Not By Sight” isn’t a worthy soundtrack to an early morning stroll regardless of the season.

In the new video for the track — from their debut EP Bright And Bending which we premiered back in October — vocalist Krista Diem wanders around a block in Brooklyn, occasionally coming upon other members of the band going about their day. True to their sound, and more than likely the time that the video was filled, all of the videos stars are bundled up tight. Even the dog that Diem’s walking has a nice sweater on. And when you hear the song, you’ll get it.

The band are working on their full-length debut The Second Arrow. But while you wait for more tunes from this up-and-coming act, you could do worse than to put this song in your earbuds and hike down the street for some coffee. Check out the video up top and revisit their still excellent EP for three more cuts of lovely and loud folk (and the barn-burner “Doesn’t Matter”).

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