Lady Gaga Proclaims ‘Everything Will Change’ In A New Ad Ahead Of Her Grammy Performance

02.14.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Not that Lady Gaga‘s band of Little Monsters needed an extra nudge, but the ARTPOP vendor is promising big things for her performance at this year’s Grammy Awards. Not just big things, really. Revolutionary things.

Gaga, who has been tapped with the honor of paying tribute to David Bowie at this year’s ceremony, teased her upcoming appearance with much bombast in a spot that’s also sort of an Intel ad. The clip features the popular recording artist bopping around some futuristic surroundings before floating into a space cube while proclaiming “everything will change.” It plays a bit like a lost Kate McKinnon sketch that never quite made its way onto SNL, but Gaga’s in the business of home run swings so it’s not like she’d do a teaser eating off-brand Cheetos in a pair of Kirkland Signature sweatpants and a “Co-Ed Naked Lacrosse” tee anyway. This is one of the things we love about The Gags. No? We’re not doing that as a nickname? Your loss, America.

Here’s a quick blast of what Intel declares is in store for the pop performer that looks suspiciously like Jo Calderone. (Yes, everything has to have a corporate tie-in this decade.)

Intel is collaborating with Lady Gaga to bring her creative vision to life for an unprecedented, technology-infused GRAMMY Moment

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