Latto Sides With Omeretta The Great In Her Atlanta Controversy: ‘She Said The Truth’

The fallout from Omerette The Great’s “Sorry Not Sorry” continues to settle as more Atlanta notables weigh in on the upstart rapper’s declarations about who’s really from the city. After T.I. “respectfully” offered his thoughts — along with a helpful visual aid — now, another of Georgia’s rising stars, Latto, has entered the debate. Surprisingly, she agrees with Omeretta but says it’s not the scandal so many people are making it out to be.

Latto, who recently issued her own pledge of allegiance to her hometown with the single “Soufside,” posted a TikTok quoting a line from Omeretta’s controversial song outro. “Clay Co ishnot Alanna,” she wrote in the caption as she doubled over with laughter in the video. When one follower asked whether the song was “really that big of a deal,” Latto replied, “It’s not a big deal lol clay co is the south we not the city she said the truth tbh.”

Clay County, Georgia, is certainly not part of Atlanta’s metropolitan area, which seems to be the common factor in all the places Omeretta names in “Sorry Not Sorry.” “College Park is not Atlanta / Lithonia is not Atlanta / Clayco is not Atlanta / Decatur is not Atlanta / Gwinnett is not Atlanta / Roswell is not Atlanta / Forest Park is not Atlanta / Lilburn is not Atlanta,” she declares. The song went viral as people from Atlanta and the surrounding areas debated the merits of her arguments — which may have been the whole point.

You can check out Omeretta’s “Sorry Not Sorry” above.