Latto’s ‘Soufside’ Video Gives A High-Speed Tour Of Her Hometown

A week after Latto ran roughshod over an impressive LA Leakers freestyle, the Atlanta native returns to give a high-speed tour of her hometown in the patriotic “Soufside” video. Shouting out the streets, businesses, and landmarks she grew up around, Latto delivers a boastful, assertive, and lyrically dextrous verse, name-checking Southlake, Pointe South, Rex Road, Riverdale, Lovejoy, and more as she cruises through Atlanta in a convertible and posts up outside the Southside Discount Mall (we call ’em swap meets in LA) with a massive crew.

The new track marks a return to the trap-inspired, bass-heavy sounds that first helped Latto make her name — y’know, before she changed it — after her last single, “Big Energy,” threw longtime fans for a loop with its pop-friendly beat. While it’s nice when artists can show versatility, rap fans are often skeptical of big stylistic changes, and here, Latto shows a powerful understanding of how to switch lanes while remaining anchored to her signature sounds. This gives her room to evolve without losing touch with her day-one fanbase, which is often the first step on the road to rap royalty. Give her another couple of years, and Latto just might go from “Queen Of Da Souf” to the ruler of the rap game (pun intended).

“Soufside,” along with “Big Energy” and “The Biggest,” are all set to lead up to the rapper’s second full-length studio album, which is due in early 2022.

Watch Latto’s “Soufside” video above.