23-Year-Old Lauv Is Quickly Taking The Next Steps Towards Music Superstardom

Lauv is only 23 years old, but by all observable measures, he’s completely ahead of the curve: In the video above, we learn that he’s been certified Platinum, he’s charted in 33 countries, and his songs have been streamed over 500 million times. As Uproxx’s Editorial Director of Music Caitlin White points out, though, the next step is turning all this online success into real-world fans, something Lauv has made great strides toward while opening for Louis The Child and Ed Sheeran.

“Every single time I say that, it’s so crazy,” Lauv says with a laugh.

Lauv also says that he’s committed to establishing himself as a legitimate force, as more than just “a passing moment”:

“I have a fear that I’ll wake up, and people will be like, ‘That’s over. Lauv, who’s Lauv? Oh, he had that moment.’ […] Once I tasted the satisfaction of the creative flow, it was always [about] having a mindset of there’s no chance that I will ever give up.”

In 2017, Lauv may have been tasked with warming up the crowd for somebody else, but there are bigger things on the way, and in the near future, the fans will be there for him: In 2018, he’ll be headlining his own tour.

Watch the video above to learn more about how Lauv approaches the various aspects of his emerging clout, and check out his previous Honda Backstage episode here.