LCD Soundsystem’s Non-Album Track ‘Pulse (v.1)’ Is A Blippy, Wild 14-Minute Instrumental

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The day that the 2011, post-LCD Soundsystem breakup versions of ourselves never thought would come is actually right around the corner: The band is releasing their fourth studio album, American Dream, tomorrow. That’s fantastic news, but now there’s even better news for the instant gratification part of our brains: LCD Soundsystem just unveiled a new non-album track that you can stream and download for free right now.

The 14-minute “pulse (v.1)” is less aligned with the rock-oriented part of LCD’s discography, but has more in common with their progressive electronic jam pursuits, like “45:33,” or even the remixes James Murphy made with Tim Goldsworthy for their DFA Records label — which, by the way, were previously collected in a pair of compilations, The DFA Remixes: Chapter One and Chapter Two, and both albums are fantastic.

The song begins with light synthesizer blips that eventually welcome propulsive live drums, taking some dips and detours along the way for what amounts to a head-bobbing experience that feels like it could hold your attention for more than 14 minutes. It shows that Murphy hasn’t lost his sense of adventure, which has me anticipating the already-very-much-anticipated American Dream a lot more.

American Dream comes out on September 1st. Listen to “pulse (v.1)” above and download it here.