Leslie Odom Jr. From ‘Hamilton’ And Phil Collins Will Kick Off The 2016 U.S. Open

You’re Leslie Odom Jr. You’ve just set the world afire with your performance as Aaron Burr in the massive Broadway success Hamilton. Now you’ve left the show, Tony Award in hand, and are looking for something else to do. What do you put on your docket? Evidently, you join up with Phil Collins to help ring in the U.S. Open.

Odom Jr. and Collins will both perform to kick off the tennis version of the U.S. Open on August 29. Odom Jr. will be performing the national anthem before the event, but he will also be participating in a duet with Collins.

Obviously, Odom Jr. is a great choice. Not only does he have a great voice, but he played one of the founding fathers in Hamilton! Who better to sing the national anthem of these United States at the U.S. Open than the guy who played Aaron Burr? Collins may seem like an odd choice for the U.S. Open, on account of the fact he is British. That doesn’t matter, because he’s the guy who recorded “In the Air Tonight.” Are you going to say no to a performance from the man behind “In the Air Tonight?” Of course you aren’t.

As far as musical performances to open a tennis tournament go, this may be the best lineup we’ve seen thus far.

(Via For the Win)

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