Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’ Have Earned The Approval Of The Church Of Satan

Over the past few days, Lil Nas X has gone all-in on Satan, going as far as to give him a lap dance in the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” video and to sell controversial “Satan shoes” themed after him. Reactions have been predictably mixed, but through it all, it turns out the Church Of Satan is on board with with Nas is up to and they’re a fan of the new sneakers.

TMZ spoke with David Harris — magister for the Church Of Satan, a high-ranking position — and notes the shoes “are getting a ton of love from the Church because they embrace the essence of Satanism” and that “Satanists are digging the way Lil Nas X is turning against religion to market” the shoes.

Harris also spoke about the “Montero” video with Rolling Stone for a recent feature and said, “He obviously did his homework. Whether he consulted with us directly or did his own research, he clearly put a lot of effort into this video.” He also describes the end of the clip, when Nas kills Satan and wears his horns as a crown, as “the most Satanic part of the video” and added, “We view ourselves as the most powerful beings in the world. The fact that he crowned himself as Satan — now, that’s Satanic.”

One group of people who are decidedly not cool with the shoes are the folks at Nike, as they have reportedly sued over the sneakers.