Watch Lil Pump Throw His Microphone At A Fan’s Face And Storm Offstage, Ending His Show

With his wild hair, rambuctious music and problems with the Catholic church, Lil Pump is one of the strongest examples of the parallels between new school rappers and rockstars. His show is becoming known for wild circumstance, such as him stagediving and jumping off platforms. Last night though Pump’s stage show took an even crazier turn as he took in-your-face too a new level. DJ Akademiks posted footage of the rapper throwing his mic at a fan and walking offstage during a show in Connecticut.

He called the fan a “p*ssy” as security walked him off the stage and fans stood in bemusement. The show was immediately shutdown after the violent encounter. After the show, Pump explained in a video that the fan “thought he was funny” and “threw some s*it” onstage. He then warned people to “never do some stupid s*it while he’s performing” lest you want your “stupid a** socked.”

It’s unclear what the fan said to Pump or what exactly he threw, but Pump retaliated fiercely, in stark contrast to his usual amiable stoner demeanor. This comes days after Pump gained attention for insulting the hotel worker who kicked him out of his room. It’s been a rough couple days for Pump.

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